Baby Booties.. and MORE Baby Booties!

My boyfriend has a friend whose wife had a baby about three weeks ago.  So I thought it would be a nice gesture to knit something for the baby… totally taking after my mom!!  lol  So I picked out a nice simple pattern for Baby Booties.  I was so excited to start this new and different project… I started last night around 11pm and finished one bootie around 2:30am this morning.  Well, everything minus sewing the sole of the bootie to the instep.  Unfortunately my blue plastic needle, that my mother lent to me, snapped in half last night — somwhere around 1am’ish.  😦  It was a good yarn needle while it lasted…

So while I was at work today, I thought it’d be an ingenuous idea to text message the friend of my boyfriend and have him measure his daughter’s foot… well the bootie was an inch too small!!  😦  So I put that aside and decided to start a whole other bootie, tweeking the directions, adding rows everywhere…. sigh, we’ll see how long this “nice gesture” goes.  lol  Here’s a picture of it!  Good practice though I must say.


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My Very First Project

apron2.jpg                                  apron1.jpg

My First Project That I Did Three Years Ago!

I went over my mom’s house this weekend for Mother’s Day and dug out my first project, of which I made for her.  🙂  I previously mentioned this “object” that started out as a scarf, but then magically turned into an apron.  I still, to this day, do not know where those extra stitches came from!  :-O  But it’s nice isn’t it?  lol  Guess who inherited it?  Yes, I Did!  lol

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Lilac Dishcloth!

Here is a picture of my lilac dishcloth (previously mentioned that includes one yarn over & one “psso”) W’ing’.I.P.  🙂



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Green Dishcloth

Okay, I finished the green dishcloth!!  YAY!  It came out nice I think, for my first one that is.  I need to work on having the borders and the edge of my dishcloths be the same all the way around — not tighter on one side and lose on the other side,making it look like a bowed effect.  Something to work on…. 🙂  Here’s the final project!!


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Dishcloths & More Dishcloths!

GOOD NEWS!!  I started another washcloth and it’s perfectly within my limits of accomplishing.  lol  It’s made of garter stitches, purls, and only 1 YarnOver and 1 FrogLeap (aka psso).  So there’s a small challenge for me; something that’ll make me think and learn at the same time, but easy to complete.  🙂  I’ve also gotten a little bolder And started ANOTHER dishcloth!!  J 

Green DishCloth

This other dishcloth though is really easy.  It’s just made up of purls and garter stitches.  It’s called Wheatfields.  J  And both of these can be found on the link that I pasted in the second to last entry prior to this one.Now I’m able to make a list entitled: “On The Needle.”  YAY!!  Now you KNOW you’re an advanced knitter when you have more than one W.I.P. at once!  Lol  😉  I’m going to take pictures of both later tonight!.. as well as the purple coin purse I finished last week.  STAY TUNED!!

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Well, (sigh) I tried this one particular dishcloth the other night, of which turned into the biggest headache/frustration.  😦  After all the different purls, garters, yarn overs, slip-slip-knits, knit-two-togethers, and whatknots, you should have 6 houses that appear….. O_o   This magic trick definitely didn’t work for me!  😦  I think I have to downgrade from that specific dishcloth unfortunately.  So I’m starting a new one today that’s a lot easier.   I KNOW this will most assuredly boost my morale and spirits up again.  🙂  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Mother’s Day Gifts

I’m almost finished with another coin purse.  🙂  This one was in violet.  All I have to do now is put a button on the front of it.  I’ll will upload a completed picture when I’m finished.  My mother emailed me a link of free patterns for dishcloths:

I’ve already have begun one tonight!  I will take pictures of the … P.I.P… or K.I.P.???  Is it “Project in Progress” or “Knitting in Progress”???  lol  The roles have definitely reversed based on the norm now in days…. My mom was telling me all the slang terminology to use as far as blogs go regarding knitting projects.  And I forgot half of them!  lol I know FP is for “Finished Project” I think.  🙂  Mommy help me out!  But, you have the idea though.  lol  😉

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The Coin Purse

Now this project took me all of, I would say,… 2 hours?  Didn’t take long at all!!  And it’s so adorrible!  I’m planning on making a few of these for Mother’s Day gifts.  🙂  I don’t have a lot of pictures of it because I finished it so quickly. lol

Coin Purse

When I completed the stitches, and binded off, (I did the binding this project myself by the way! lol) I added a button AND fringes!!  🙂

Completed Coin Purse

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My Favorite Colors: PuRpLe & PiNk!!

So the night that I finished my headband, I immediately wanted to start on another project.  So I flipped through the Knitting Pretty book that I have, and I instantly fell in love with the Cell Phone Cover idea.  🙂  I decided to give myself more of a challenge by adding beads to it, as well as changing some of the stitching. (knitting sections of garter stitches, followed by sections of purl stitches for texture)

Here are some pictures during the process:

Cell Phone Cover

Cell Phone Cover

 It was so easy to place the beads on the stitches.  I had a pattern that broke down the project in columns and rows, showing me when to put a bead on the stitch.  After each row, I checked it off, so that I wouldn’t forget where I was and misplace any beads.

Close Up on Pattern & Beads

And here is the completed Cell Phone Cover!!  I’m so proud of this project!  I LOVE IT!

Completed Cell Phone Case

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My 2nd Project: Operation HeadBand!!

Here’s my 2nd project after my last attempt at knitting a couple of years ago.  🙂  This is a headband in the making.  I wanted it to be a choker, but I got too carried away and made it too thick.  Plus, I used acrylic yarn which would have probably made my neck itch to no end anyway!

Headband in Progress

That night, I completed it!  My mother helped me bind it off and connect the two ends together.  And here is how it came out!

Completed Headband

Completed HeadBand

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Different Knitting Books that Help Me Out

Here are a few books that I’ve been looking through, getting ideas for upcoming creations.  Starting off as a beginner, I’ve found that kids’ knitting books have really helped, especially learning the different types of stitches.  This one is written by Melanie Falick.

Kid's Knitting

This is a small knitting kit that came with 1 circular needle, 2 markers, 1 needle, and dozens of simple patterns such as: cell phone covers, coin purses, dish cloths, scarfs, socks, & a lot more.  I have found this to be my favorite.  Funny story: I bought this for my mom a couple of years back.  I didn’t know it was for beginners then.  Now that I’ve become interested in knitting, she gave it back to me! lol

Knit Knacks Book

Here’s another book by the same author as the the book above. (written by Kris Percival)  Except this goes into more detail on the basics as well as semi-intermediate concepts of knitting.

Knitting Pretty Book

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First Entry!!

Thanks for visiting my Knitting Blog!

 My Shrug that My Mom Crocheted

On this site I will be uploading various pictures of all of my knitting projects that I have completed and those that are “in progress.” 

My inspiration?… My mother.  She has been knitting and crocheting for years!  From making blankets to sweaters to baby booties to scarfs to hats… practically anything you can imagine!  She taught me how to knit a few years ago.  My first project was a scarf.  Well, a scarf that turned into an apron because I kept creating extra stitches which made it wider and wider with each knitted row!  lol  I was very frustrated.  I stopped knitting after that first project.  Then a week or so ago, my girlfriend called me, saying that my mother was teaching her how to knit, and showed me a picture of a tank top she was in the process of knitting for her mother as a gift.  I thought, how fun would it be to have knitting get-togethers and share projects between us?!

So, Here I Am!  Creating project after project!  lol  Instead of starting out with a tank top (like my friend) I decided to stick to smaller creations first, and perfect my stitching. 

Well, Here Goes Nothing!!  🙂

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